Permanent Supportive Housing

We believe in the power of housing as the foundation for life.

That’s why we’re working to move every chronically-homeless person in Spokane into long-term housing.

For many homeless adults, past experiences and health conditions make qualifying for and staying in housing almost impossible.

That is why we operate 240 apartments throughout Spokane to support these individuals.

These “Housing First” apartments are unique in that they put homeless adults into safe, stable, permanent housing and then tackle the barriers causing their homelessness — a revolutionary approach to eradicating homelessness that has proven highly successful in cities across the country.

These are permanent homes, where residents can stay for as long as needed while having access to wraparound support services. Case managers, peer support specialists, and behavioral health clinicians provide one-on-one support and encouragement to residents as they learn to manage their medical and mental health care and finances, while gaining independent living skills, education, employment, and other important components of a stable and independent life.


Please consider purchasing an item off our Amazon Wishlist to help our residents year round. Your Amazon gift purchase will be shipped to Kristi Munoz, the program manager of Permanent Supportive Housing.

Our current needs are:

For any questions or inquiries about donations please call (509) 321-6401.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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