Your gift is instrumental in transforming someone’s life. Facing homelessness shouldn’t be a life sentence and with your help, that is being changed daily. We cannot do the work we do without you. We allocate a portion of the funds raised to cover necessary administrative expenses. These costs are essential for the efficient operation and management of our fundraising efforts, ensuring that a greater portion of the contributions directly supports our core mission and projects.

*Donation pick-up service is no longer available.

We do not accept used mattresses or furniture.

We have limited storage space so please call our donation line ahead of time to confirm and schedule a donation drop-off at (509)-321-6401 between Monday- Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Businesses that will match your donation!
Reach out to your HR department for further information.

Questions about donating? Contact Us Below Today or Call 509-688-1117


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