Foster Youth Services

1313 N. Maple St, Spokane, WA 99201
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Foster Youth Programs

Independent Living: skills for success

Independent Living Program provides services for youth 15-23 years of age. Our case managers teach young people skills so when they leave foster care, they are better equipped with knowledge on how to live on their own. Skills include budgeting, how to find housing, landlord tenant rights and responsibilities, cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.. We also provide funding to help support the goals young people have to be successful adults.

Independent Youth Housing: dress rehearsal

Independent Youth Housing Program houses young people 18-23 years of age. We have several apartments around the Spokane area to house young people who age out of foster care in Washington state. Services include rent subsidy, case management, and independent living classes. Young people have the ability to take over their lease as well as they will gain rental history.

We make sure they have the basics covered so they are fully ready to build the life they deserve. Please consider purchasing an item off of our Amazon Wishlist to help a youth year round. Your gift purchase will be shipped to Sara Mack, the program manager of Foster Youth Services.

For more information please contact Sara Mack, program manager

Phone: (509) 688-1139 Email:

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